About Us

We are mother and daughter behind kennel Felloak´s, Our first litter of Staffordshire Bullterrier was born in 2007 under our prevoius prefix Harrystaff`s and under this prefix we had litters from 2007-2016, We did change our prefix 2017 then we also wanted to start breeding French Bulldog and we didn’t think that a prefix ending with staff would be suitable for other breeds even if it did feel a bit sad to change.

We have always had animals around us from dogs,cats,horses,rabbits,fishing well you can say the nature and everything around it. Our first Staffordshire Bullterrier came in to our life in 2004 and is called Diesel and he is a real Clown who made us feel in love with the breed. In 2014 did our first French Bulldog came in to our lifes,and I just love the breed I Mikaela have always been in love with all the bullbreeds/looks bully like bullterrier,bullmastiffs,bostonterrier,Staffies and in the future there will be som more breed in our house but the staffies will always be closest to our hearts. Me Mikaela have been to many courses with the dogs like bloodtracking, Obdienceclasses, Handlercourses,Agility, and regular traning classes, educationsleasons about health like eyes,extrior,herpes etc. We are member of Swedish Kennel Klubb, Staffordshire Bullterrier Club and Terrierclub and I Mikaela have been in the board of Uppsala Kennel Club seens 2009. I Mikaela have always liked to travel around to meet dogs and people and have been visiting countries for Import of dogs, visiting shows, matings and It have been a bless to been meeting all fantastic people around the world and I hope the journey will continue to meet fantastic dogs and people

Import and Export Goals

We put mutch time and effort behind each litter and also behind looking for bloodlines that we like and looking forward to a long-term breeding with goals years forwards. You as a puppybuyer is a very large part of our work because when the puppy leaves us and developed to its individual personality with you then your update about the dog is important so we know the static behind every litter and dog. It is not easy to breed animails of any kind and there will always come up something like healthissues, mentality etc you can never breed the perfect dog.

In March 2006 did our first Import from United Kingdom come to us and I remember the smallest little dog in Katies arms on the airport, just that puppie dident turn out like we wanted but that dident stop us to try again and also to try diffrent bloodtypes to se whats fits us. One of our goals in extrior has always been to have dogs with a good standard and also to be critic about the fault and positive about the dog when you breed and at the partner for your dog. And for every year who goes we learn more and more and gets more critic and viser about breeding as a person you cant control nature and you cant know everything, beacuse if you cant learn from other then you shouldnt breed beacuse then you know everything and that is always dangerous to not be apart with each other.

Another goal is that all our Staffordshire Bullterrier should have a full healthprofile before breeding and thats includes HD| ED | PATELLA | EYE | L2HGA | HC. The French Bulldog should have PATELLA | EYE | HEART. And if possibility to have them mentaltested

A big thank you to our friends around the world for all our beautiful dogs that we have got the possibility to buy and for all kindness when meeting and so far including to 2006-2017 we have Imported 9 dogs from Czech Republic, 1 from Australia, 5 from Spain, 5 from United Kingdom. And when we look at them all we getting happy beacuse they all have the type we like even if they have different bloodlines. And not all of this dogs have been out of breeding quality  in the end but thats the chance you take with all dogs. What the future will bring in for us in the next Import will we see.

We have also Imported semen from United Kingdom, France, Poland and also done natural matings abroad.

We have export outside Sweden to Norway there we have 19 offsprings living, 1 in Denmark, 1 in Finland and 1 in Czech.

A big thank you to all kennels/persons who have rent out their male to us for mating and export semen, Thanks for all the support and kindness.


Bying a puppie

A puppy from us is always

Registered in the Swedish Kennel Club | 3-year latent defects insurance in Agria | Vaccinated | ID marked | Veterinary Inspected | Dewormed | Eye tested at about 7-8 weeks of age before delivery | An accompanying puppy binder containing information to help you and your new puppy.

We want our buyers to be is interested to monitor the health of his dog with this meaning that you do HD|ED X-ray the dog at about 1-2 years of age, eyetest the dog at adulthood, and positivt if you do it at older age of the dog. It is important to our breeding program to know that we are on right track, and thats way the information about your dogs health is so important. We also see the positive if you are interested about Mentaltest. Purpose of the dog, we would like that you active the dog with something but the most important thing is that the dog is part of the family center. We have no requirement that you must show the dog, but as for all breeders there are always fun if the dog develops promising and it may be a good track record, praising both for yourself, the dog and of course for us as breeders to get out our name. Equally, we would be even prouder as a breeder when a puppy goes a long way in such obedience, agility, tracking, etc. If you are interested about a puppy from us and we think you feel right, you get to decide if you should have a female or male and then when you made that choice you get reserve a puppy out of the sex, but wait until the puppy is about 6-7 weeks old before we together decide which puppy that suits you best, the exception is when their only is born out one of the sex. This is so the right puppy to come to the right home. A busy family with children shouldnt perhaps have the most peaceful pup but the most forward, The one who has his puppy at work might want it a little calmer puppie, an exhibition interested perhaps should have the one that seems appropriate for this purpose, etc. and of course want we all have the finest puppy because you think it is better but all puppies are equal and we focus only on the exhibition interested that we know are interested in out of this and there’s no guarantee that the dog will be a show dog. Of course it’s assumed that you shape your dog yourself, but the premise is better when you have a dog that fits your family from start.We feel it is positive to do in this way and our previous buyers have given us positive feedback on this, than to choose a puppy on the sweetness or color combination that many would otherwise make, a puppy and its development can not be seen at only 1 week of age

If you are interested about a puppy from us, so please feel free to contact us by phone or mail, or if you have any questions about the breed. If you write an email, please tell us about yourself, your opportunities for your puppy and hopes for us, etc. We do not respond back to the mail where you just write “are there any puppies left” alt “what does a puppy cost” We do not sell puppies on the color choice, but if you are interested in a puppy out of a certain color, we recommend that you seek out such litter where all have the same color, we do not think color should guide the choice out of puppy or blood lines.

Expectations of us as breeders. If you buy a puppy from us you can expect that the mother have a full health profile Staffordshire Bullterrier HD| ED | PATELLA | EYE | L2HGA | HC French Bulldog PATELLA | EYE | HEART. The goal is for us that the father also have a complete health profile but mostly we pick male from abroad and not all countries/breeders do full health profiles) Support 24 hours a day, but of course expectations of you. We try to strive for 0.0% of inbreeding.

And the last thing like all breeders they want a contest person for their puppies because it advertises our name and breed, but the most important thing for us is that the dog comes to a home where it will be apart of the family and is loved for the individual the dog is, so there for it is least as important to us that the puppy comes into a family that only looking for a family member, thats the main thing a lovely member of the family